Dad is becoming very forgetful – What Should I Do?

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Q.           My father is becoming very forgetful about things he would normally remember. I’m worried he could be coming down with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia. What should I do? A.            An obvious first step is to have Dad checked out by a qualified physician. The doctor can determine what, if anything is actually wrong and recommend treatment. If the doctor’s diagnosis is dementia further legal steps to provide Dad with adequate legal protections are necessary. It is important to have the doctor...

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IDENTITY AND FINANCIAL ABUSE OF SENIORS IS ON THE RISE! Unwary seniors are increasingly victimized by others regarding their identity and financial assets. This often occurs when a credit or ATM/Debit card is lost or stolen. Seniors often delay reporting any missing or stolen credit or ATM/Debit cards. These events should be reported immediately to prevent substantial financial loss. When a credit card is involved you can report the problem before any charges are actually paid and dispute any improper charges posted against the card. With an...

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Aging Parents and Financially Troubled Children

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Q.           I am retired and my adult child is borrowing money from me. There is nothing in writing and I am worried about getting paid back. I also want to be fair to my other children when I die. How do I handle these issues? A.            This is a common problem in a sluggish economy that is forcing adult children to turn to their aging parents for financial assistance. A written promissory note should always be used when loaning money to a family member, including a child. While it may seem impersonal and cause some...

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Your Disabled Child’s Special Needs and Adulthood

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Q.           My child with a disability is turning 18. Can he continue to get the publicly funded services we were able to get for him as a minor?   A.            Once your child turns 18 your legal authority over him ends. For example, you were able to get involved in his education through development of an Individual Education Plan (IEP) to assure that he received public benefits that enabled him to succeed at school. Now that he is an adult his financial and care needs are his legal responsibility.   Q....

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Caring For Family Members Who Become Incapacitated

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Q. If my loved one becomes incapacitated can I arrange for their care and manage their financial affairs? A. There is no inherent right to act for another person who is incapacitated based on a relation to them, except for a parent/child relationship. Express legal authority is required to do so. This applies to anyone age 18 and over. Q. How does one obtain express legal authority to act for another? A. It depends on whether or not authority was given to another to act for the incapacitated person before they became incapacitated. No...

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Welcome to Kelly Legal Solutions

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Mike and Mary Kelly of Kelly Legal Solutions would like to welcome you to their new website. Please take the time to browse their practice areas of Elder Care, Veteran’s Benefits, Estate Planning, and Business Law. Kelly Legal Solutions provides affordable and professional service to their clients. They are located in a senior-friendly and handicap accessible office. They can also make personal visits to your home, hospital, or business. They handle many areas of the law that focus on senior citizens such as Medicare Planning, Long Term...

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