Mediation Services

We help clients mediate issues involving:

  • older adult/disabled caregiving disagreements
  • guardianship/conservatorship
  • probate and estate matters
  • marital and other relationship conflicts
  • divorce
  • business disputes/conflicts

Our mediation service is geared toward helping you resolve the issues you, your family, or your business face as quickly and efficiently as possible. We foster an informal, frank, and constructive dialog that lets you get to a result quickly, often in one session. We can guide you to a faster, more reliable resolution of disputes than the public court system will. We allow you to be the decision-maker, rather than submitting your suit to a third-party judge who will likely provide a result that leaves you somewhat dissatisfied, and take a long time to do it. We achieve a high rate of success by providing effective third-party neutral services that save you time and money and allow you to move forward and focus on life.

What exactly is Mediation? 

Mediation is a private and informal process in which a neutral non-biased third-party assists the mediation participants in identifying issues of concern to them and assists them in exploring opportunities to settle those issues.  Privacy gives mediation a clear advantage over resolution in the public court system, particularly in private family matters such as elder care, probate, and marital/relational conflicts.

Mediation is considerably less formal than court or arbitration proceedings. At Kelly Legal Solutions we practice “Facilitative Mediation.” With facilitative mediation the mediator has no decision-making authority. The participants are not required to come to any agreement or settlement. It is not the goal of the mediator to judge or evaluate anyone or anything. The mediator’s role is to assist in settling issues and hopefully improve future relations between the participants. In addition all communications during mediation are confidential and are not used as evidence in any related court proceeding.

The desirable end result of mediation is to reach an agreement between the participants in which they will actually participate and take ownership; a necessity for complete resolution of their issues that allows them to move on with improved relations and an improved quality of life.

How Would Mediation Benefit Me?

Mediation has many benefits. It is much less expensive and time consuming than going to court or entering into other forms of dispute resolution. In fact the money and time costs of mediation are typically insignificant when compared to other alternatives. Mediations resolve disputes in one session about 70% of the time while lawsuits often take several years to complete. Mediation offers the parties an opportunity to craft a solution within days or weeks. Mediation is also a much better means for resolving disputes because it is designed to effectively address the interests of all participants in a manner that allows them to actively participate and ultimately make the decisions. This approach promotes more effective settlements and better future relations than a binding decision handed down by a judge or other third party. The fact that any settlement is voluntary means the parties have to buy into it up front, rather than after they have been told what to do. This results in an agreement that is more likely to be followed.

How do I Start a Mediation?

Our process starts by your communication to us that you wish to enter into mediation. Once both parties have communicated this to us we can begin our intake process. Additional information we will require from both participants will be:

  • names of all parties
  • addresses
  • name and telephone number of your attorneys – if you have one,
  • persons who will be present
  • nature of the dispute
  • available dates, times, and agreeable locations for the mediation